Nigerian Party Jollof Rice: The Easiest and Simplest Way to Cook it.

Most Nigerians don’t joke with party jollof rice, In fact many people will get angry if they are not served jollof rice in a party. Not that they can’t afford to cook such rice in their various abodes but because home-made jollof rice can not be compared to party Jollof rice.There is a special kind of taste they seem to derive from eating party jollof rice. If you are a Nigerian, you will testify to this fact. Cooking a party kind of jollof rice is very simple, it’s not rocket science that can be hard to comprehend. All you need to do is to follow this tutorial closely. Let’s start by listing the Ingredients needed in cooking this kind of Jollof rice.


Tomatoes, beef/chicken, onions, rice, fresh pepper,curry, Peas, thyme,tatashe, salt and Knorr


Steps to follow

1.Use a blender to blend tomatoes, pepper, onions, tatashe till it becomes very smooth and boil it at a high boiling point to make a tomato puree.

2.Cook the beef/meat , fry it and set it aside.

3.Pour the vegetable oil used in frying the beef in a cooking pot, add knorr seasoning (little) and diced onions, fry till the onions becomes soft.

4.Pour the tomato puree you obtained in step one in the hot oil, add thyme,curry (not too much), knorr and fry till it becomes a stew.

5. After making the stew in step 4, add enough water that can cook the rice and mix.

6. Wash the rice and pour it in the stew in the step 5, with a wooden spatula, mix the rice with the stew. Increase the heat and let it burn a little because that’s the secret behind the delicious taste of Party Jollof rice.Don’t let the burning to be excessive, Just a little will do.

7. Minimize the heat when the rice is almost done and add the garden peas.

8. Your rice is done, Enjoy it and don’t forget to invite me.

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