Nigerian Pounded Yam From Scratch

Pounded yam is a popular Nigerian Swallow. It is produced by pounding yam in a mortar with a pestle.The pounding process requires a lot of energy , although there exist other alternatives to producing pounded yam, alternative such as using powdered yam to produce it but the best approach is to follow the normal way of using Mortar and pestle. The following ingredients and utensil will be needed.


1 Medium Sized Yam Tuber


Medium Sized Pot
Mortar and Pestle.

Steps to Follow

1.Slice the yam , peel it and set aside.


2.Boil the peeled yam with water till it becomes soft.


3. Put the hot yams into a mortar and pound with a pestle.keep pounding till the yams becomes sticky when touched. You may need to add some hot water in the process of pounding to achieve the stickiness.


4. At this stage the pounded yam should be ready, can be enjoyed with any Nigerian soup.

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