Nigerian Tilapia Sauce

Tilapia sauce is one the delicious sauce we have in this part of the world, one interesting fact about this recipe is that its relatively easy to prepare, with just a cook time of less than 30 minutes, you should be done with this great soup.

Let’s begin by listing all the ingredients needed for this great meal.

Tilapia Fish
large Tomato
Tablespoons cooking oil (optional)
Red Bell Pepper (tatashe)
Small Onion (peeled)
Scotch bonnet peppers (ata-rodo)
Maggi Cubes
efirin (scent leaf)
Salt to taste


Steps To Follow:

1.Remove the dirts in the tilapia and cut into steaks. Season with pepper and salt and set aside.
2.Place tomatoes,Red Bell Pepper , scotch bonnet pepper , efirin and onion in a blender, blend until smooth
3.Place a pot on medium heat, add the tilapia and pour the sauce obtained in step 2 above. Season with maggi and salt to taste and the groundnut oil.
4. At this stage, your sauce should be ready.

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