Ofe Owerri Soup: How To Prepare It With Just Few Steps.

Ofe owerri is a popular traditional soup from owerri, Imo state Nigeria.Much has not been written about this great soup unlike other soups from the eastern part of the country. Ofe owerri soup is indigenous to Owerri folks. Preparing this great soup can be time consuming which i think is the reason why you hardly see it in popular restaurants across the country ( the writer stands to be corrected). A very delicious soup consisting of virtually all the necessary ingredients needed by our body.
Lets start by listing the ingredients required to make this delicious soup

1. A cup of sliced Uziza leaves
2. 4 cups of sliced pumpkin leaves (Ugwu)
3. 2 cubes of Maggi or knorr
4. 4-5 Cocoyam (medium size)
5. Assorted meat
6 Dry fish, Stock fish and Cray fish.
7 Pepper and Palm oil
8 Ogiri ( Iru in Yoruba Language)
9 Salt to taste


Steps To Follow:

1. Cook the meat till it becomes tender and set aside.
2. Blend the crayfish,Wash the dry fish and stock fish and set aside.
3. Boil the cocoa yam until it becomes soft , remove the outside layer of the cocoa yam and pound the inner content with mortal and pestle to serve as your thickener.
4 Put the cooked meat in Step 1 on fire, add 4 cups of water, add the crayfish,stocked fish, dry fish and palm oil, allow it to boil for 10 minutes.
5. Add Maggi cube, pepper and salt, stir it gently, add the ogiri and the pounded yam and allow the pounded yam to dissolve. ( May take ten minutes)
6 Add the uziza leaves and stir, allow it to boil for another 3 minutes .
7. Add the pumpkin leaves (ugwu) and allow simmering for 4 minutes.

At this point, your ofe owerri soup should be ready. Some people also prepare this great soup by adding snails. It’s just individual preferences. I prefer it soup without snails.

Enjoy your soup with any solid food such as Akpu, semo, pounded yam e..t.c

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