Six Important Food Symbols And Their Meaning

Many Nigerians don’t bother to check the symbols that are printed on their food packs. I used to be guilty of this act but have realized how important they are. Recently , i bought a food product on my way back from work, this product has a bar code printed on it.After scanning the bar code with my computer, i was able to determine the genuineness of the product as well as the nutrition information of the product. Some food products have landed many people in the hospitals due to their ignorance. This article is will show you six (6) symbols on food and their meaning.

1. Nutritional Compass


A nutritional compass is always found on every standard food product. It gives the user adequate and relevant nutrition information about the product and also serves as a guide when making decisions.

2. Suitable for Vegetarian Symbol


Vegetarians usually look out for this symbol on every food product. When a product does say ” Suitable for vegetarians” it means vegetarians can also make use of the product.It means there is no animal part in the product.

3. Halal symbol


There are foods under Islamic law that are known to be forbidden for Muslims. Example of such foods are dog meat, pork , carrion e.t.c. When manufacturers put halal logo on a food product, what they imply by such act is that the product is suitable for Muslims. It is a registered trademark that guarantees products compliance with the Islamic Dietary laws.

4. Bar code


We all ignore the bar code on food pack because we think they are not relevant to us. This bar code can be scanned to produce meaningful information that could be very useful to the buyer. It can be used to determine the authenticity of the product as well as the life span of the product.

5. Keep Frozen symbol


Sometimes we come across this symbol on our food products. What it implies is that you should always keep the food product inside a refrigerator to maintain the quality and shelf life of the product. Some food products are meant to be kept under certain temperature to elongate their life span.

6. Organic symbol


This symbol is usually found on organic foods.Some certain countries permit the use of organic symbol on organic food that have high organic contents.The food will have been proven to have organic content up to a certain percentage before the organic symbol can be placed on it. Relevant food authorities such as NAFDAC are tasked with proving the organic claim of an organic food.
These are six important symbols on food packs that should be taken seriously.

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