Steps In Losing Weight This Ramadan.

Ramadan can be a perfect time for you to shed those fat.Ramadan present an opportunity for Muslims to indulge in healthy diet which helps to maintain overall health and provides the body with essential nutrients. As a Muslim, why not take advantage of this holy month to shed your fat. The following steps , if followed will go a long way in helping you to lose the extra pounds.

Avoid Skipping SahurSahur-fish


Taking your sahur is important during Ramadan. Don’t think that skipping sahur will enable you to lose the extra pounds. When sahur is skipped, you end up getting hungrier the next day which in turn makes you overeat during Iftar. For someone who intends shedding fat, the best sahur should be a meal that contain fish, fish is generally lower in fat. Studies have shown that when fish is consumed it reduces calorie intake compared to when beef is consumed.Additionally, eating a low calorie salad at a start of sahur will help you in burning those fat. Studies have also shown that consuming salad makes you feel full for the rest of the day.


Take a Light Iftar



Iftar is not supposed to be a heavy meal, a light iftar will make up those energy you’ve lost during the day as a result of long hours fasting. Start by breaking your fast with fruits, one or two dates will be enough.You need quick source of sugar for your body after long hours of fast that’s why date is recommended.Dates contain high sugary content, it is advisable to lessen sugar consumption as much as possible even when the source of the sugar is fruit. After breaking your fast with date, it’s time for the proper meal.Go for a meal with adequate protein and carbohydrate, don’t forget to avoid excessive eating.

Avoid Processed Sugar

processed sugar

Avoid processed sugar during this month of Ramadan, the major reason people get fat in this month of Ramadan is due to the sugar they consume from sweets and beverages. If you must take sugar during Ramadan, go for the natural one such as honey and fruits.


Be Activefit

Ramadan should not be an excuse not to be physically active, it’s has been observed that during this month of Ramadan, many people spend hours in front of TVs and computers watching movies, spending hours viewing TV has been linked to overweight and obesity. If you are inactive, you are more likely to gain weight because you are not burning the calories consumed during Sahur and Iftar.

Take advantage of this holy month to lose extra pounds.

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