Tips on Reducing Food Poisoning at home.

Food poisoning which is also known as food-borne illness , is an illness caused as a result of eating contaminated foods. This article is meant to show you some tips on how to prevent food poisoning in our various homes. To prevent food poisoning at home, always adhere by the following rules:

1. Always wash your cooking utensils and hands often.

2.Keep items that are not relevant to the kitchen away from the kitchen.

3.Always make sure that your foods are being cooked to a proper/safe temperature.

4.Separate raw foods from cooked foods.

5.Ensure the your perishable goods are freezed or refrigerated promptly.

6.Meat, poultry, eggs should be cooked to a safe temperature. if they are not properly cooked , they are more likely to cause food poisoning because of the way they are produced.

7.Always ensure that you wash your fruits and vegetables before serving

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