Top 5 Yoruba Foods

The Yoruba people are an ethnic group of southwestern Nigeria, they are one of the largest African ethnic groups and are known to love good foods.Here are the Top 5 foods widely enjoyed among the Yorubas of the southwestern Nigeria.

1. Pounded Yam and Eguisi Soup


Pounded yam is a Nigerian food  made from boiled yam but widely enjoyed by the Yorubas. Pounded yam is made by boiling the yam to a certain boiling point to be pounded by a mortal and pestle. Pounded yam is always consumed with different kinds of soup but most Yorubas prefer taking pounded yam with Eguisi soup. I call the combination of Pounded Yam and Eguisi soup the “Baddest Combo”. Do you want to find yourself in a state of total euphoria? Then visit a good restaurant near you and request for pounded yam and Eguisi soup.

2. Amala and Ewedu




Amala and Ewedu is one of the most eaten foods among the Yorubas, Amala is a Yoruba food made from yam flour or cassava flour, Amala can be consumed with any good soup but it’s often eaten with Ewedu soup. It’s appreciated by all Nigerians especially by people from Yoruba speaking states in Nigeria.

3. Moin Moin

moin moin

Third on the list of most eaten Yoruba foods is Moin moin, Moin moin i is a protein-rich food that is a staple in southwestern part of Nigeria, usually enjoyed with hot pap.It is made with steamed ground beans and enriched with spices, Moin moin is often served in Yoruba parties or other social functions.

4. Beans and Dodo (fried plantain)

If there is a food most Yoruba won’t joke with, that food is beans with fried plantain. Beans with plantain is widely enjoyed by all lovers of good food across Nigeria, it often combined with a tasty bread.Beans and fried plantain are protein rich food.

5. Semo and Efo riro



In the absence of pounded yam, semovita is usually considered as an alternative. Semovita with a spicy efo riro has become a staple food among the Yorubas and other tribes.This meal is so delicious and tasty.

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