Top Eight Weird Foods Eaten Across The Globe

1. Fruit Bat (Indonesia)


Fruit bats are used in making a dish known as PANIKI in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. This dish is made by boiling a fruit bat in a pot with a coconut milk. After boiling the bat, it will be seasoned with variety of herbs and spices.

2. Balut (Philippines)


In the Philippines, Balut is served as street food. Balut is a developing duck embryo which is boiled and consumed in a shell. As a tourist in Southeast Asia, eating Balut might appear weird to you.

3. Dhub ( Saudi Arabia)

Dhub2 cmp

Dhub is a spiny tailed lizard which is mostly found in the deserts of Saudi Arabia.A popular delicacy among the Arabian Bedouins in the peninsula.If you find yourself paying a visit to a true Saudi Bedouins , you just might find yourself getting served dhub.

4. Iguana ( Nicaragua)


Iguanas are a typical Nicaraguan dish eaten year round, it is known to be an important source of food for poor rural families in Nicaragua.Beef and pork are saved for large festivities in Nicaragua while iguanas are consumed often because they can easily be found. Sound weird right ?

5. Locusts (Israel)


The swarm of locusts flying in from Egypt are being turned to delicacy in Israel.They are tasty and fried in molten chocolate.

6.Dogs (Nigeria)


Dogs are consumed in many states in Nigeria, including Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Plateau, Ondo, Taraba and Gombe of Nigeria.Some cultures in Africa view the consumption of dog to be part of their way of life while other cultures such as Western culture view is as a taboo.

7. Scorpions ( China)


There is a popular saying in China that goes like this ‘We eat everything with wings, except airplanes, and everything with legs, except tables’. So don’t be surprised if you find some weird foods on the streets of China.Fried Scorpions can easily be obtained in china , the Scorpion stops being poisonous only after it has been fried.

8. Rats ( Thailand)

rat meat

The demand for Rat meat in Thailand has increased exponentially over the years. Rat meat has been eaten in some of Thailand’s poorer regions for years but nowadays it is gradually becoming a delicacy which can cost even more than chicken or beef .

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