Top Six Nigerian Foods

Nigerian foods are simple and easy to come up with, apart from being easy to prepare, they are also known to be very delicious , nutritious and sumptuous. Chop4naija presents list of some Nigerian foods that are widely enjoyed by all Nigerians, both at home and in the diaspora.

1. Ogbono Soup

Nigerian Ogbono soup

Ogbono Soup is one of the most popular soups in Nigeria, often taken with swallow (Garri, Eba, fufu e.t.c).Ogbono soup derive its name from ogbono seeds, the seeds used in making ogbono soup. Similar to okra soup, it is also known as draw soup among Nigerians. Ogbono is often cooked with Egusi seeds to obtain what is called Ogbono with Eguisi soup , it can also be cooked with vegetables.This soup as a lot of Nutritional value, so if you are yet to taste ogbono soup, try it out now and see what you’ve been missing.

2. Edikaikong Soup


Edikaikong soup is native to the efiks, the Efiks are predominant in Cross river and Akwa ibom state of Nigeria.Its a very nutritional food that is widely enjoyed by both the Efiks and non-Efiks. Edikaikong soup has a very high nutritional value due to the presence of dark green leafy vegetables. Dark green leafy vegetable contains small amount of Omega 3 fats which deliver big health benefits such as lowering the levels of depression, it also lowers inflammation which happens to be a key component in asthma. Edikaikong Can be enjoyed with any kind of swallow (Eba, Akpu, Semo e.t.c).

3.Pounded Yam and Eguisi Soup


Pounded yam is known to be one of Nigeria’s delicacy made from boiled yam. The yam is boiled to a certain boiling point to be pounded by a mortal and pestle.Although its known as a Nigerian food but widely loved by both Nigerians and Non Nigerians. In Nigeria, Pounded yam is always consumed with different kinds of soup.But most South Westerners (Yoruba) prefer taking pounded yam with Eguisi soup. I call the combination of Pounded Yam and Eguisi soup the “Baddest Combo”. Do you want to find yourself in a state of total euphoria? Then visit a good restaurant near you and request for pounded yam and Eguisi soup.

4.Tuwo Shinkafa and Miyan Kuka.


Tuwo Shinkafa is a cuisine which originated from the Northern part of Nigeria. It is predominant in the northern part of Nigeria, a thick pudding made from rice flour and can be served with any good soup but most northerners prefer serving it with a soup called Miyan Kuka. Miyan Kuka is also a northern product due to the presence of many baobab trees in the north. The soup is made from baobab leaves and dried okro. Tuwo shinkafa and miyan kukan makes grown up men licks the back of their hands when they are done consuming it. Do you plan to visit Northern Nigeria anytime soon? Then make sure you have your own taste of Tuwo shinkafa and Miyan Kuka.

5.Akpu and Banga soup


Akpu is also known as fufu. Its usually made by boiling cassava and pounding it to a thick paste-like form. Most South easterners (Igbos) prefer taking akpu with banga soup.Banga soup is also known as ofe akwu in the south eastern part of Nigeria. It is made from Palm Nuts (Banga ). A taste of akpu and banga soup will definitely take you to cloud nine.
6.Efo riro


Most Yorubas in Nigeria loves Efo Riro, especially when it is served with Eba or Amala. It has numerous health benefits due to the rich vegetable in it. The “Efo” in Efo riro stands for Vegetable . Part of the ingredients needed to make a sumptuous efo riro are Stock Fish, Sliced spinach leaves ,Assorted Meat, Palm Oil, locust Beans, smoked fish e.t.c

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