When last Did you Sit around a Dining Table Set with your Family, Really?

Let me take a minute to share what a dining table set meant to me growing up in Lagos in the 80s. Nothing made me more excited than dining with my Mom, Dad and siblings everyday around 6.30pm-7pm. The girls helped in the kitchen with preparations while my Dad would comfortably position himself in front of the television waiting for my Mum to serve one of her sumptuous meals. The dining table was our “cord of 7” that could not easily be broken so to say.

The Dining Table Set in today’s Worlddinning table set

In today’s ever changing world, families hardly have time to connect, with the internet and smartphone revolution family members would rather stay locked up in their rooms and browse for information on trends and work related matters instead of chatting about each how our day was or what happened in school or the workplace.

I honestly urge parents to revive the culture of dining together every day. Our children need to feel that love and connection and sense of warmth it creates each time we sit together and share a meal with love.

Take time to Set the Dinning table tonight and call your family together, let us see how you can bring back the days of togetherness in the family, feel free to share your experience.


The Dining Table Set is another great Knitting point for the family.
Join this discussion and tell us what a dining table means to you.



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