Why Excessive Meat Is Dangerous To Your Health

You prefer to eat a meal with ten pieces of meat, You love to devour lots of meat that comes with every meal. As a result of this, a meal without the anticipated number of meats is an incomplete meal to you. You failed to realize that you are consuming too much of meat. There are lots of risks associated with eating excessive amounts of meat. Such risk includes heart disease, kidney disease, osteoporosis and cancer. If you found yourself eating much meats, see why you have to reduce your excessive meat intake.

Studies have repeatedly shown a strong link between the amount of red meat people eat and their risk of dying of heart disease. But many scientists are not convinced that the amount of cholesterol and fat in the red meat is enough for the increased risk that’s observed. As a result of this, a recent study using mice, found that a compound called carnitine from the red meat increases hardening of the arteries which may leads to increase in the risk of Heart attack

The more red meat you eat, the more carnitine that promote hardening and thickening of the artery. It’s advisable to consume less meat for purpose of staying healthy.


Similarly, studies in the past have shown significant reduction in cancer risk among those who avoided meat. It also shows that those who eat meats daily have approximately three times the colon cancer risk when compared to those who hardly eat meats. The reason behind this is simple; meat contains no fiber and other important nutrients that have a protective effect in the body system.

Staying healthy involves making some sacrifices when it comes to food, if eating less meat is a difficult thing to do due to the love you have for meat. It’s high time you have a rethink.

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