Why You Should Avoid Eating Burnt Foods

In our society, there are lots of people outside there who prefer eating burnt foods. They claim to enjoy it more than the unburnt one.But the truth is, these set of people don’t really know the implication of eating burnt foods. Though, food can get burnt as a result of error being committed while cooking, perhaps the individual cooking the food may be carried away by other things but there are few set of people who will intentionally prefer having their food burnt to a little extent, they derive enjoyment from consuming burnt food. These set of people are the reason behind this piece.


Due to the nature of the process involved in cooking burnt food – where great amount of energy and local dehydration occur, some amount of carcinogens may be present in the burnt food. Carcinogens are known to be dangerous, they cause some damage to DNA in the cells of the body. The amount of carcinogen present in the burnt food will vary depending on the magnitude of the burnt food .

Eating a lot of burnt foods will increase your risk of cancer, but the amount by which the risk of cancer increases is much less when compared to X-ray or nuclear radiation. Although,a burnt food is less carcinogenic when compared to cigarettes, burnt food would affect tissues like the stomach/colon more than the lungs.

It’s advisable that you stay away from burnt foods to prevent stories that touched.

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