Why You Should Avoid Eating While Standing

Often times you see people eating while standing, this act is gradually becoming a norm in the society. There are lots of Nutritional benefits one tends to gain while sitting down to eat foods.Sitting down to eat help the eater to consume less food and a few calories.Many studies by food scientists have shown that sitting down to eat brings about a range of health benefits that you just don’t get from standing up to eat.
A study conducted in 2007 that was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietitics found that women who ate while standing consume more calorie than those who ate while sitting. This was due to the fact that those who ate while sitting seem to eat more slowly and pay attention to what they were eating. Sitting down to eat can help in weight loss because you are more likely to consume less calorie.
If you are eating while standing, you tend to eat fast and more likely to pay less attention to what you are eating. While standing to eat, it is very possible to eat stuffs that are not healthy because of the little attention towards what you are eating. Sitting down to eat gives you time to enjoy what you are eating and also gives you the chance to savor the foods you are eating.

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