Why You Should Not Sleep Immediately After Eating

There are lot of health risks associated with sleeping immediately after eating . Sleeping immediately after meal makes the body to do extra work in digesting the just concluded meal, which may leads to indigestion and weight gain.Some of the risks of sleeping immediately after meal include the following :

1. Weight Gain

If you wish to shed some fat, the best time to sleep is not immediately after eating.When you sleep immediately after eating, you accumulate more fat which is not what you want.Sometimes we do feel like eating something when we wake up at the middle of the night, in such instances it is advisable to take healthy snacks like salad and fruits rather than heavy foods like Swallow, rice or beans.

2. Heart Burn

This is another effect of sleeping immediately after eating, while lying flat on bed after eating, your digestive system is working hard to digest the just concluded meal, this leads to excessive stomach acid which may trigger heartburn.It is also the cause of burning sensation in the chest, throat and abdomen.

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A study carried out at University of Ioannina Medical school in Greece revealed that going to bed immediately after eating can increase your chances of having a stroke. The study was conducted with a sample of 500 healthy people, it shows that those who didn’t go to bed immediately after eating have a lower risk of stroke.

4 Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is caused by the non closure of the valve between the stomach and esophagus. It allows the stomach acid coming from the stomach to gain an entrance into the esophagus which leads to throat burning. Sleeping immediately after eating can aggravate this condition.The stomach acid gaining entrance into the esophagus can damage the mucous membranes.

After eating, take a stroll or do a few chores, this will allow the food to get broken down into simpler compounds for easy digestion.

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