Reasons Why You Should Avoid Eating Late At Night.

Many of us are guilty of this obvious act, we found ourselves in the kitchen late at night trying to devour some delicious food. Eating late at night is often blamed for some ailment such as obesity. The actual time of consuming a meal may potentially have an impact on the consumer. Major studies conducted on animals have shown that food is processed differently at different times of the day.

Here are reasons why you should avoid eating late at Night.

Excretion and Urination

Eating late at night may increase the number of times that are needed to get up to use the restroom during the night. It will leads to food getting digested while sleeping , as a result of this you will need to wake up to eliminate waste products. Hunger is no respecter of time, so if you are truly hungry at night, consider eating food that are high in fiber so as to elongate the actual time of digestion. High fiber foods take a long time to digest and excretion may be required only after eight hours.

Weight Gain

Studies have shown that eating late at night may result in gaining of weight. When foods are consumed late at night, the body is more likely to store those calories as fat. The storage of calories as fat in the body system may contribute to weight gain. The reason behind this is simple, when you eat during the day, you are relatively active and your metabolism is functioning at a great rate but when such food is consumed late at night, the metaboism functions at slow rate due to inactive state of the body system. This contribute to an increase in body weight, and possible obesity. If you truly want to have six packs like some celebrities, stop eating late at night.

Problem in Sleeping

Research has shown that people that often eat late at night tends to have a harder time falling asleep. When you eat late at night, it means your stomach is still working when you are ready for bed , making it difficult for you to have a sound sleep. If you found yourself always eating late at night, to minimize the risk of digestive problems always opt for light meal. While light foods are recommended, One of the worst foods that you can eat if you have a hard time falling asleep at night are sugary foods.

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