Why You Should Take Moringa Tea Often.

Moringa tea is not just an ordinary tea, this is a tea with many benefits. It contains reasonable amounts of vitamins A, C and E, calcium, potassium and protein. It help lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.it promote brain health and cognitive function due to its antioxidant properties. .This great tea has become part of my diet. If you are also thinking of shedding weight, Moringa tea should be your friend.It aids weight loss by making one feel fuller for a long time, thus suppressing the cravings for food.This great tea also helps in reducing the time it takes for wounds and cuts to stop bleeding.Preparing this tea comes very easy, all it takes is just 5 minute cook time and the necessary ingredients.

Handful of Moringa leaves
Hot water
Honey or Sugar

1. Put the moringa leaves in a tea kettle and pour hot water over it, allow to steep for like 5mins

2.Use a sieve to seperate the leaves and the tea.

3.Add sugar or honey (preferable).

4. Serve Hot

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